About Us

Codding Leasing brings a unique perspective and distinct advantage in leasing commercial space. 

As part of Codding, who has been developing, leasing and managing its properties since the 1940's, Codding Leasing consists of motivated, seasoned and energetic professionals. Every aspect and component of the leasing effort, from marketing the space to negotiating lease terms to writing lease agreements, brings a hands-on approach with dedication to create mutual benefit.

The leasing division of Codding leases and manages over three million square feet of commercial space in Sonoma and Merced Counties. Codding Leasing utilizes its relationships with its tenants to stay above the bell curve in renegotiating leases or in preparation in seeking new tenants.

In 2005, Codding formed a strategic joint partnership with Simon Property Group to bring forward the redevelopment of the Coddingtown Mall in California. The first stage brought Whole Foods Grocer to the Mall. This exemplifies the company’s commitment to its investments and tenants alike.

Codding Leasing cooperates with all local, regional and national brokers.